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Astute business in Kuwait have long understood that the interior and exterior of business premises are important to the image they project, and integral to the success of their enterprise. The look and design of their shop, showroom or office is a reflection of who they are as a business entity. At ARTECH Interiors we are a full-service design firm specializing in comprehensive interior detailing and space planning, which builds exclusive and customized interiors that reflect the unique stature of our client's business.

We fully realize the importance of good design in boosting productivity at workplaces and sales in showrooms. The first step in any of our interior designing projects is to understand the client’s needs and aspirations, including details on how the space will be utilized, particular preferences and budget for the project. We then visit the project site to take detailed measurements and to identify any potential architectural or other constraints that might hinder our plans. It is only then that we then formulate an initial design concept using the latest CAD software. Based on the client’s input we make further revisions if needed and then produce an estimated cost run.

With our own full-fledged carpentry workshop and dedicated team of carpenters well-versed in all aspects of woodwork, we can output outstanding work that meet the highest standards of fit and finish. This allows us to offer clients flexible solutions that ensure efficient and cost-effective completion of every interior design project we undertake.